Main Control Desk Final Product

The NPS control desk is the most advanced available. It has been specifically constructed with the ability to quickly change configuration to adapt from one to five operators, thanks to its ability to fold (physically fold, that is). The control desk integrates shortcuts by using highspeed touch panels that can be tested and programmed remotely, and provides standard internal mounting space for up to five 24” widescreen monitors with full HD resolution or better (1920×1080p or better), leaving the operator with an unobstructed equipment view even while seated at an elevated control desk, where the presence of monitors normally would impede visibility.

NPS control desk works using only two network connections (the two networks referred to in chapters 5 and 6) and a power supply connection. When network-friendly E-stop controls are used, there’s no need to have any other hardwired connection at all for the operating desk to be fully functional and up to standard. Since the desk stores no info, even in case of loss due to fire e.g., it is usually possible to quickly recreate one that has basic functionality to run the plant, just by using a few computing devices.

The desk integrates up to five 24” monitors having 1920×1080 resolution, driven by clients for use with server-client based HMIs or anything that can be managed remotely, including IP video cameras. It has a mechanical design that allows the configuration to be changed adapting it to single operator management (folded) or up to 5 operators management (unfolded). Optionally, the folding/unfolding operation can be motorized (with optional synchronization of the top monitors, if installed).

The control desk can be integrated with optional top monitors, bringing the total practical number of monitors available to 12 units, each with a 24” widescreen, maintaining a complete operator field of view opening.

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