Next Generation Plant Services

NPS is a visionary company dedicated to industrial automation solutions aimed at the steel industry. The unique features of NPS systems are the result of years of research, development and constant innovation. Research is an essential element of our company; we are dedicated to evaluating new technologies, tools and methodologies, to place ourselves a step ahead and provide quality automation solutions.

Our company counts with experienced professionals, with the best knowledge and experience in Automation and Control tailored to Steel plants and their derived, offering excellent products and services with worldwide distribution and coverage.

We offer our clients the best and most advanced technology in Process Control, using systems of the utmost performances, configured with the best Software possible.

We can manage projects of all size, from the initial design, to the construction, installation and commissioning of the Plant, including consulting activities during all the phases of the project.

We apply and are specialized in the development of application based on the most advanced technology available worldwide to improve notably plant productivity and efficiency indexes at very competitive costs. We guarantee full commitment, during all phases of the project execution.

Our History

Next generation Plant Service (NPS, Inc.) was founded in 2000. It is a US corporation with legal address at 103 Foulk Road, Suite 202, Wilmington, DE.

Initially, NPS was mostly involved with on-site modification of existing plants, although the focus was developing automation systems. The experience gathered went into development of NPS' own radically new automation system. Problems to overcome were so big, that it took more than 3 years, just to have a prototype ready for testing.

NPS control system was new, because it was the first system with a truly software-based vision. It was decided that it would not rely on specific hardware to operate, and it had to be capable of managing all high-speed functions that typically require specific hardware, such as motion control, using only software

The first commercial system was ready for plant installation in 2005. Because of the complexity, the software could not run on a typical PLC CPU; instead it could run only on Soft PLCs (a version of PLCs that harnesses PC computing power to execute a program).

However, in perfect harmony with the hardware-independent vision, NPS system used only market hardware from renowned manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, etc. and generic, non-intelligent cards for I/Os. As with all new technologies, there was initial resistance in the adoption of it; however, NPS was able to prove itself. Presently there are nearly 30 similar systems in operation. None of the customers using them has ever requested a replacement with a more traditional system. Actually, in many cases, such customers require new systems to keep the same concept, and many have been in service for years, proving their validity.

Beginning in 2010, NPS started looking into running the software in more traditional PLC CPUs. It was discovered that future CPUs seemed promising and capable enough. However, with few notable exceptions, available CPUs at the time still lacked the power required to manage complex, software-based systems, and still required using external intelligent cards to achieve specific results.

NPS continues the tradition of developing unconventional systems and is presently using experienced engineers to develop, commission and start up systems. NPS people are dedicated only to software and engineering; since NPS subcontracts all hardware manufacturing, it remains free from having to invest in workshops and traditional manufacturing facilities.

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