• Furnace Safety Circuit

    Furnace Safety Circuit

    Furnace Control Cabinet for our client's Furnace Safety Circuit System developed completely by NPS.

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  • Main Control Desk Final Product

    Main Control Desk Final Product

    The NPS control desk is the most advanced available. It has been specifically constructed with the ability to quickly change…

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  • BI Panel – Dashboard

    BI Panel – Dashboard

    Visualize and analyze measurement data, process data and quality data in your web browser. Data Visualization and Information Server. The…

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  • Onsite and Remote Support

    Onsite and Remote Support

    Remote (with VPN connection) and Onsite technical assistance, equipment malfunction revision and tweaking.

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  • PDT Data Terminal – Mill Data

    PDT Data Terminal – Mill Data

    Example of one page for the Mill Data over our Data Terminal "PDT". NPS decided to create its own application…

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  • Maintenance HMI – Automation Network Page

    Maintenance HMI – Automation Netwo

    This is the example of the Network Page of one of our Maintenance HMIs. With the TCP_IP communication pop-up available…

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  • Field Panel – Water Treatment Plant

    Field Panel – Water Treatment Plan

    Example of a single page of a remote panel located at the field. Our panels have complete data integration with…

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  • Furnace HMI – Material Tracking Page

    Furnace HMI – Material Tracking Pa

    This is the example of a material tracking page made for the Furnace HMI. This page shows the operator the…

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