PDT Data Terminal – Mill Data

Example of one page for the Mill Data over our Data Terminal "PDT".

NPS decided to create its own application to manage data: The PDT. The program is written entirely in C# compiled, and is an OPC client. It is extremely fast and flexible and requires no programming.

Our PDT is a standard application based on XML, with pages of ~200 variables with a execution speed of max 50ms. It does management of master recipes with advanced search options, provides logs by recording all actions performed with the system, also it handles different user profiles: Administrator, Operator and Viewer, each has specific restrictions and permissions.

It is also user configurable, it has an internal configuration tool that enables the user to customize the application even when it is operating. It is even possible to create a customized PDT application for each operator, where information is grouped according to each operator's preference. Another possibility is the creation of different PDT applications based on operator's skills.

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